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  • The 19th China (Nan'an) Shuitou International Stone Expo 2018

    Today, the 19th China (Nan'an) Shuitou International Stone Expo is held as scheduled, which is a big event for stone industry in China and had been held for 18 times. There are more than 700 stone enterprises in Shuitou Town of Nan'an City. In 2017, there were 115 stone enterprises above designated scale, and the value above designated output value was 19.7 billion yuan, accounting for 85% of the total output value of the town.

    As the main transportation channel of "Maritime Silk Road", Shuitou, one of the largest stone logistics centers and stone import and export bases in China, and one of the world's largest stone trading bases, has injected a steady stream of energy into the development of the International Stone Expo".

    "Shuitou is the world's largest stone production, trade, processing and logistics center, and also a barometer of China stone industry." Wang Qingan, president of Nanan Stone Association, said that the international stone expo has witnessed the ups and downs of the stone industry since its birth. As one of the two strengths of China Stone Exhibition, the 19th international stone expo will be upgraded in an all-round way, leading the revolution of the stone industry with a brand new attitude, and is bound to create a world class stone innovation business card.


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